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Layering-Look at it’s best!

Layering-Look at it’s best! 29. November 2017Leave a comment

Trends & Must-Haves in high speed!

B-A-D-A B-I-N-G – almost overnight new trends arise. Incredible how fast fashion became, right? Pretty normal, I’d say – because fashion hasn’t been that open and complex for quite some time! This makes it a bit difficult for me to give an example of ONE must-have only – to be honest, currently somehow EVERYTHING seems to be a must-have. Beginning with allover velours, beltbags, fauxfur jackets & coats up to sockboats and, of course, knitwear (read more about this topic in my blogpost Special Feature: Items’14 Antwerp). But there is one trend I see the most and this would be asymmetric and at the same time playful romantic skirts & dresses.

“A stylish skirt that can be combined to anything, please!”

Actually I don’t like wearing skirts nor dresses. So when I first discovered this new trend, I felt a bit irritated and didn’t exactly know on how to implement it. Of course nobody told me to restyle this look. But by the time I saw Aylin Koenig wearing a beautiful combo consisting of an asymmetric skirt, overknee boots & an oversized knitted pullover, I knew that I at least wanted to try out this look. She really is a fashion queen . This I ungrudgingly have to admit!
So, here I stood now in my – sometimes more and other times less cleaned – walk-in closet and speculated about what MY realization should look like. To me personally it is important to always give my looks an individual character. I simply don’t like copying styles, because in the end I am the one who needs to feel comfortable in what I wear. So I had the idea of combining my velvet wraparound skirt with an oversized, sleeveless hoodie and my favourite camouflage jacket from ZARA. I know – this is not the concept of the universe. But it actually represents the look I feel good in.
One last challenge I had to cope with was to find matching shoes for this outfit. As claimed by many people who “know” me, I actually don’t own that many different pairs of shoes. In the end I decided to go with my Abdillah Kilim boots (bought at Silvia Gattin here in Vienna), because they perfectly matched the colour-combo. So here it is – my layering-look:

All in all, there’s nothing you can do wrong! Just make sure to chose a style that makes you feel good and not giving you a feeling of being dressed up! Only if you do so, you will be able to confidently spread your look throughout the world!

I looked up some styles to create an asymmetric & layered look. Simply click on one of the items to be redirected:

Layering look at its best!


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me! Or, better still, leave me a comment beneath this post!


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