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my life having a dog

my life having a dog 29. November 2017Leave a comment

Many of you already know that I’m having a dog. He’s one of the most important components in my life, so I wanted to dedicate him an own rubric in which I will tell you everything about our life and all the things that are going on in our common life!

Nils aka Alf – the Alien

His name is Nils. As soon as I get asked what he looks like, I answer „Do you know Alf? He pretty much looks the same”. My little boy looks quite funny and I as his owner claim that he’s always smiling. He’s just a little boy in a good mood.
For more than 10 years we’ve been an unbeatable team. He’s my greatest wealth! Of course there exist moments he drives me crazy. But I can’t describe how often he makes me laugh! When I was smaller, I never understood why my parents wouldn’t allow me having a dog. But today I do, because all the work that relates with having a dog would’ve been up to them.

How it all began…

When I moved to Vienna, I used to live in a flat-sharing community consisting of 4 girls. No bias, please – this time was very important to me and I wouldn’t want to miss a single second of it! Living in a residential community means a lot of people moving in and out. We also had to deal with that. But one day one of my long-time friends called me and told me that she was planning to move out of her student dormitory. She was looking for a new place to stay. She had (and still has) a whippet named Lola, which she saved from death by bringing her from Mallorca to Austria.
Shortly after our talk, those 2 beauties moved in. I was so happy, because finally I had the opportunity to spend more time with my friend and at the same time experience what a life having a dog would look like. Lola has always been a very shy and easily scared little dog. So my plan was becoming friends with her – and we managed to do so. She somehow knew that she didn’t have to be afraid of me. By getting closer with Lola, my wish of having my own dog grew 😊. I started doing research on the internet. It was my personal desire to also save a dog from being killed and not buying myself a pedigree dog. Well, to be honest, I actually wanted to have a pug named Manfred. But I found out that those cute little dogs with their characteristic squashed nose are having big difficulties with breathing – especially in summertime. So I decided not to get myself a pug – I knew, that to me personally, it would’ve been very hard to watch my poot little baby suffer!

Which breed of dog woul perfectly match?

After weeks of Research, I decided to adopt a puppy from animal rescue. To me it was important to adopt a puppy, because without any kind of dog-owning-experience, I wanted to avoid getting myself a traumatized dog. I found an association from the Czech Republic which accommodated dogs to foster homes so that they would get a chance of living a beautiful life abroad. Natascha (Lola’s owner) and I drove to one of those foster homes to have a look at some puppies which in the internet were defined as Chihuahua-Miniature Pinschers. At that time, I was convinced that it would be better to get myself a small dog in a big City like Vienna. Well, now I know that this is complete nonsense – because as long as a dog gets its needed space and a lot of love, it doesn’t matter how big or small it is or whether you’re living in a big city or a small town!
But there’s actually one important fact which I’d like to state: if you’re planning to become a future dog-owner, you should really do a lot of research on which breed of dog perfectly matches your character and, of course, your lifestyle! Nils is a very hectic and excited dog. In stressful situations (trams, subway, crowded places), he infects me with his hypersensitivity, which very often brings us to the point where the both of us get nervous and stressed out. This sometimes can be very exhausting and I’m sure that this isn’t very healthy – for none of us. Make sure to read books and articles in the internet to find your perfect match! This makes everything a bit easier, believe me!

This can never be a Chihuahua-Miniature-Pinscher!

We finally arrived at a residential area on the outskirts of Vienna. Getting closer to the flat, we got to meet 2 excited little puppies and their foster mother. First I raised one of them, but this little fella obviously didn’t feel comfy in my arms. I felt a bit disappointed, but actually I’ve heard before, that dogs pick their owners – and I can state that this is absolutely true. All of a sudden I noticed some tiny & furry little feet on my shoes. I looked down and saw a bundle of fur fighting with my shoestrings. I picked this little rowdy up and held it in my arms. He started licking my face and at the same time fighting anything that got in his way. This was the moment I became a dog-owner, proudly saying his name NILS. He looked at me with his big wide eyes. And he really looked funny: he was completely black, except of his eyes. They were light brown and made him look like a university professor wearing big & round glasses. And he rally had nothing in common with a Chihuahua nor a Pinscher. He was everything, but a Chihuahua!

It’s been more than 10 years that Nils represents my faithful companion. The older we got, the more we grew together. Sometimes it feels as if he was my shadow, because he follows me anywhere I go – litterally ANYWHERE I go! His presence is vital and, as time went by, we became quite similar 😊. We coped with many ups and downs. He helped me out of my worst disasters – not only that he’s always been there. I’d also been in charge of giving him what he needed – taking him out for walks, playing games with him, feeding him… Still today, everytime I have to cry, he brings me something to play with (in the majority of cases worn socks, which is really disgusting) and simply pulls me out of those situations by making me smile! He makes my life better and the fact of enabling him a happy and good life, is a very precious feeling to me! That’s everything he deserves!

If you’re interested in getting to know how I manage my life together with a dog, work, former studies, holidays, etc., you will get all the necessary informations in my next blogpost out of the category bun_themDog!


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