outfit hints for travelling the world

outfit hints for travelling the world 29. November 2017Leave a comment

What to wear when travelling?

By beginning of next year we will decide where we would like to travel to. For now we haven’t made up any specific plans, so I thought a short post of what to wear when travelling might be an interesting topic for you.

Don’t wear too much metal on your body

Well, to me personally it’s always a big challenge to decide what I should wear when going on vacation. To me the perfect travel-outfit has to be comfy and stylish at the same time. Especially if you’re planning to go on a long-distance flight.
Somehow I am predestined to always be treated like a felon during security check. Starting by having to take off my shoes or being the first person to test out all kinds of presumed “new” drug tests. So by the time I had to become inventive.

Do’s & Don’ts at the Security-Check

A very big topic: the metal braces I use to help me create the perfect bun. This fact brought me to going on a trip without them and simply using one of those special scrunchies called Papanga or Invisibobble. This makes travelling much easier for me and I don’t have to go through this scan-machine 10 times in a row.

Jewellery: this might also be a quite difficult topic, because going through the scan with too much jewellery on your body always ends up in being investigated even more detailed. Wonderful! Especially if you’re already in a hurry to catch your flight! What I’d suggest: the less, the better! Or simply put all your jewellery in a small cello-bag and decorate yourself after successfully passing the security-check, respectively travel without any jewellery at all.

Belts: especially for male passengers an important aspect. Belts have to be removed during the moment you get scanned. My suggestion: either take your belt with you in your carry-on baggage or simply use a tie or a vast shoelace which can be perfectly used as an alternative for your belt.

“Take off your shoes. Hey, you – SHOES OFF!”

This happens to me regularly – I ALWAYS have to take off my shoes during security-check! Some time ago, this whole procedure was really disgusting, because people had to run around on the airport floor with their bare feet. Well, meanwhile they finally managed to provide those plastic shoes which you also get if you’re visiting somebody in hospital. But this doesn’t solve the problem of being surrounded by unpleasant foot odour. My suggestion: don’t wear shoes with zippers or the ones you got yourself at ZARA. From my own personal experience I can say that I always had problems when wearing shoes like those!

Play safe by wearing homewear & comfy sneakers

I’m pretty sure that most of you already do so, but some might not. This is why I wanted to give you the hint of wearing homewear while being on an airplane. Nowadays homewear is designed in a quite stylish way, so don’t worry that you might look like a homeless or as if you didn’t have had enough money to spend on a “normal” outfit. Above that, homewear currently is stated as very trendy and in great demand by all the influencers and bloggers out there, yayyy! So you’ll be really stylish when wearing it ☺ There’s nothing better than wearing a hoodie together with comfy sweatpants and sleep socks while travelling through the world! Last but not least don’t forget to get yourself some comfy sneakers to complete your perfect travel-outfit!

Here’s some outfit-inspiration I prepared for you:





There’s one more thing I’d like to know from you guys: what are your personal experiences on this topic? Regardless of whether travelling itself or something special you went through while being on holiday! I’m so curious to hear your stories 😁 ! Simply leave a comment beneath this blogpost!

Have fun packing!



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