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special feature: items’14 antwerp

special feature: items’14 antwerp 29. November 2017Leave a comment

Handmade Knitwear ♥

Knit, Baby – Knit! This season’s must-have is knitwear in any possible variation. My whole instagram feed is filled with all kinds of knitwear. Plait patterns, ruffles, flounces, ribbons, turtleneck and many more options. I’ve always been a huge fan of the oversized look, because it simply looks stylish, trendy and absolutely stunning! Well, good for me that this look currently represents one of the most dominant trends of our time 👌!

And again – I discovered a new brand

Recently I scrolled through my insta-feed and discovered this beautiful profile from Belgium. Items’14 Antwerp stands for handcrafted and high-fashioned sweaters, cardigans and accessories characterized by its unique and special workmanship. The Belgian label relies 100% on the contrast between modernity and tradition – thereof results the formation of timeless pieces manufactured by hand out of the finest materials, such as MOHAIR, SILK, CASHMERE, WOOL, ALPACA.
While scrolling through their gallery, I instantly fell in love with the item FLUFFY – a super soft and oversized sweater. To make it a bit easier for you, click here to directly get forwarded to the item FLUFFY.


In 2014 Claudia Jasper founded the label Items’14. To her personally, it is a heart’s desire to create something special for her customers. And she does 😊! To achieve this goal, she travels through the whole world, sourcing the best materials for her items. Her mission: creating beautiful, high-quality products together with experts in the range of yarn manufacturing.
What I personally love: as a customer you get the opportunity to personalize your favourite item by sending a personal request. In times of textile personalization, this is a great offer and I looove it ♥!

As time goes by, fashion became really fast-moving and especially for smaller brands it is very difficult to keep up with this speed. Today’s trends might be out already by the next day. This is why I admire the endurance of smaller companies like Items’14 – this implicates a strong will as well as the absolute persuasion of the own work. No mater how hard the road might be.
The following words really inspired me. Isn’t it sometimes even more beautiful to own a new favourite piece which on the one hand cost more, but at the same time stands for timelessness as well as luxury? Something to really be proud of becaus you’re the only person wearing it? Sometimes I deeply miss this feeling in the time we’re living in. And I have to admit that I can’t remember the last time I bought myself an item I felt deeply proud of calling it my own. That’s exactly how I felt when I first held FLUFFY in my hands. This moment was priceless to me!
A big THANK YOU from my side goes out to Claudia and her team for making my 1st cooperation possible! I am so touched and very thankful for your trust in my work as a fashion blogger!

In a time of virtuality, artificialness and high tech, the special aesthetic of our traditionally handcrafted knits mixed with modern components, provokes a return to natural, handmade products with a soft feel. Besides the aesthetic aspect of the hand knitted product, Items’14 attaches huge importance to a sustainable and transparent work process. Enjoy slow fashion, enjoy new luxury!

Further Facts

Claudia Jasper is also a representative for other brands such as Und Gretel, Lovely Day, Treat Collection as well as Fine Deodorant for the Netherlands, Belgium and Berlin. In the link above you will directly get forwarded to the Instagram-profile of Items’14 in which you will find all the mentioned brands as well as a few more others. For the ones of you not having an Instagram-account, simply click here to be directed to their Facebook-page.

Stop by and get inspired. I’m sure that you will find your new favourite piece at Items’14!


✶Advertisement: this post was written out of a cooperation with the Belgian label Items’14 Antwerp.

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