spotted in mariahilferstraße

spotted in mariahilferstraße 8. December 2017Leave a comment

Streetstyle spotted in Vienna

Here it is – my first blogpost on the topic spotted. What is this topic all about: it happens quite often to me that I notice people on the street having a great style. Sometimes I fall in love with their whole style, sometimes with a single item only. This is why I’d like to introduce to you some of the people I find inspiring.

The 1st time…

I have to admit that it’s not that easy to approach foreigners on the street. Out of my personal experience I can say that it might be quite annoying to be reached out by strangers on the street, because in tha majority of cases they wanted something from me 🙈. But actually a lot of people simply ask where I bought certain pieces and this actually feels like a compliment to me – so everything good!
I was strolling through Mariahilferstraße today – trying to find some stylish people. Well, I thought there would be more inspiring people along the way, but not today. I almost gave up, when I suddenly noticed a super cute & stylish girl at the subway station. I gathered all my courage and reached out to her – of course I asked for her agreement to be featured on my website. Luckily she said yes – but unfortunately I forgot to ask for her name… Well, I was a bit nervous, that’s why ☺️.

I really liked her style – everything was on point. What she wore: my beloved Reebok Classic sneakers (I assume she wore the model Club C 85), white sport socks, mom-jeans, a structured and slightly oversized coat, a biiiig scarf and a belt bag which she wore in a hip cross-body kind of way. What I liked the most was, of course, her beautiful bun 😉 I looked up some similar lookalikes for you. Especially if you’re on the hunt for unique belt bags, you should definitely check out the ones from Dogdays of Summer – you wild find some awesome & super stylish ones there!

When she looked at the picture I took, she told me that she wasn’t very photogenic… But in my opinion she absolutely is and above that she has an adorable smile!

There you go – this was my first blogpost on the topic spotted, in this case spotted in Vienna. And who knows – maybe the next time it’s YOU who comes across my camera lens and will be featured here on my website!


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