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“May the force of fashion be with you”…

“May the force of fashion be with you”… 14. December 2017Leave a comment

… I don’t know how to begin with this blogpost. Actually I should repeat Obi-Wan Kenobi’s phrase because of the current hype about STAR WARS. Not everyone out there will be happy that this topic gets so much presence. And asking the people in my closer environment, they either love or hate STAR WARS. But was has all this to do with my fashion-blog? Well, a lot more than I expected – this I can tell you by now 😊

“Do or do not. There is no try”

I have to admit that I, personally, am not a big STAR WARS fan – to be honest, it’s quite the contrary. Many of you will now be a bit shocked, but I haven’t even watched a single movie or episode or whatsoever. I can’t deal with none of the things going on in those movies. Well, of course I know names such as Darth Vader, Chewbakka, C-3PO or Princess Leia. Especially this last character wasn’t my favorite, because every boy I knew absolutely adored her. But on the other hand she is the godmother of bun, which makes me love her 😜 But that’s it – that’s all I know about STAR WARS.

But I am being a trooper 🙋…

… and had a look at this topic which is actually a very big one in the fashion-industry at the moment: obviously there’s a great demand for shirts, dresses, hoodies or accessories branded with any kind of STAR WARS lettering or characters on them! Those items definitely are fashion must-haves and most of the suppliers out there, such as ZARA, ASOS, H&M and even GUCCI, provide them now. This made me look up some diefferent styles on the internet. Especially because my cousin told me that tonight she will be participating at the STAR WARS-premiere of the newest movie here in Vienna. So, here we go with some great styles on this topic:

STAR WARS - may the force be with you

At this point, there is one thing I have to admit: I absolutely fell for STAR WARS-fashion 🙈 Especially for the styles which don’t eye-catchingly cry out STAR WARS, as for example the above shown leggings or the dress, both available at ASOS. You can find the dress here, the leggings can be found by clicking on this link. In combination with proper accessories, a very stylish and individual look both for party to casual can be created. Don’t you think so too?


Design Headerbild: Werbemeisterei

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