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Socks & Heels – WHAAAT???

Socks & Heels – WHAAAT??? 7. February 2018Leave a comment

Okay, I admit that this actually is a trend that looks awesome on pics, but I would never ever wear it in my daily life: socks combined with high heels. And of course I’m aware that this trend isn’t new at all, but it currently is absolutely hot off the press which brought me to writing an article about it.
Many, many bloggers are already showing this fashion must-have. To be honest, I would have never thought that socks might become that interesting and fashionable. How about you? Well, but in the end this is a huge fashion topic so I decided to show you what Ms Bunthemup’s look is all about.

No matter what, simply wear socks!

What I love most about this trend is the fact that it is affordable for everyone! Of course all the fashionistas out there are wearing the expensive designs, as for example Vetements, Balenciaga or Gucci. They do look great, but with hand on heart, would you ever buy yourself a pair of socks that costs about €85?  Well, I wouldn’t. Even if I had the money to do so, to me those little fellas serve the purpose of avoidiing cold or stinky feet. It really doesn’t matter which pair of socks you choose – get yourself whatever you like!
I decided to go with those fine socks I got myself at Palmers the other day: they are extremely thin, which avoids getting bruised feet. Above that, their slight and delicate pattern conjure a feminine look. Oh man, this sounds so weird, cause in the end it’s only feet we’re talking about😀.

The most positive side aspect about this trend: it’s also practical, because by wearing socks in high heels, you won’t slip out of your shoes. To me as a huge sneakers-addict really a big advantage, I have to admit.
So, here’s how I combined this look: I got myself those comfy joggers, a classic and oversized white blouse and my favourite trenchcoat which I got at H&M some time ago. And of course a pair of very special shades. And, tadaaa, look completed!

GO WILD – no matter what others might think!

Well, people were starring at me… They definitely focused on my feet. But by now, I really don’t care anymore! Because actually it feels good to be noticed in this flood of sameness. And I really have to admit that it makes me happy that people recognize new and fancy stuff. To me personally, this is really important💁🏼.

Habt noch einen wunderbaren Abend und bis ganz bald, ihr süßen Zuckergoscherln!


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