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A look says more than …

A look says more than … 20. February 2018Leave a comment

… actually nothing at all! As many other things in life, it simply is a matter of interpretation. Most people rack their brains, even though it’s not neccessary at all. But I do think that this is a very important topic – especially when it comes to fashion trends.

The phenomenon of being jealous

I’m pretty sure that most of you know the same situation: the moment when you attract the interest of strangers for the way you dress, the way you wear your hair or put on your make-up. And all of a sudden, there occurs this feeling of discomfort and uncertainty. But actually there is no reason to feel this way! Because if you reflect and think about this Situation, you’ll get to the conclusion, that those looks don’t have to be negative at all – to the contrary, I’d even claim that the majority of those looks can be interpreted either as some kind of jealousy or, even better, admiration.
Of course there do exist mean people who don’t like the way other people dress. But hey, this actually is nothing but jealousy. And other people being jealous about who you are or what you’ve reached so far definitely is a thing you have to work hard for. At this point I have to honestly admit that I also caught myself doing the same silly s#*t. I was jealous of other girls for being “stylish” and “cool”. I was jealous, because I thought I was worth less. Well, jealousy is a b…anana and I’m not very proud of myself for being this shitty! Howsoever, this brought me to stop thinking in that way – what a release😄!
One more important thing that should be stated here is this weird contradiction in terms when it comes to jealousy in times of increasing feminism. For one thing, women are becoming more and more powerful, then again being jealous and malevolent. There’s such a strong competition going on between women and this is somethging I really don’t understand. Women should rather stick together instead of fighting against each other! Due to this fact, I always preferred being surrounded by boys. Thank god, I grew up with two older brothers😅.

Attention: in some cases, trends might also be problematic!

In this context I would like to sensitize my readers that in some special cases trends might pose a problem: trends that might raise unexpected issues, as for example camouflage patterns. Technically we associate negativity with those kinds of patterns, like for example war, pain, loss, fear and other associations. Well, I’m pretty sure that at least the older generation tends to do so, which I can definitely understand. Our generation is blessed of, for the most part, living a fabulous and peaceful life, owning most of the things we need – sometimes even more than that… But let’s get back to camouflage patterns: those patterns are considered fashionable almost every season, they definitely are a fashion must-have. Why? Because they help create fantastic streetstyle looks. I personally don’t have any problems wearing Camouflage. However, not long ago, I bought myself an overall in the green color of the army. At the same time,  the topic of terror and relating thereto the IS has been on everyone’s lips. We were surrounded by pictures in magazines that showed also women – women who were sympathizing with the IS, wearing camouflage suits. Actually nobody was gazing at me for wearing this overall, but deep inside I had this uncomfortable feeling of wearing it. So I decided to return this item.
Of course this is an extreme example, but taken from real life and to me personally a clear sign, that we all have to take care when it comes to presenting certain trends out into the world, that might be a bit problematic!

Briefly summarized I’d like to give you the following hint: you really don’t have to worry about other people gazing at you, neither for what you’re wearing, nor the way you put on your make-up! But when it comes to some special kinds of fashion trends, make sure that those don’t cause any kinds of social problems! It’s as simple as that.

Wishing you all a fantastic evening, lovelies💋!


Shades ZeroUV
Lookalike Faux-Fur Jacket Lilac Asos
Shirt Asos
Pants H&M
Shopper bag Zara (SS18)

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