who am I? a human and not a number!

who am I? a human and not a number! 27. February 2018Leave a comment

Well, this is a topic which really bothers me! I’m talking about the ever-growing problem of what exactly we’re all being measured in times of social media, blogging, & co: a number, not what we do or who we are. Unlike today’s outfit, I’m not a gray mouse, intimidated and head-buried in the sand. On the contrary: I’m going to hit the ground running! For who knows – maybe this whole procedure will change soon? I hope so!

Success = many followers. Our sad reality …

Since I am more or less professionally involved in blogging, I have gone through many heights, but above all, depths … ask my boy – he knows best! “Why am I not having as many followers as XY? Why don’t the others like me? I`d rather be blogger XY? Why is growing such a tough thing? What am I doing wrong? Should I quit blogging? Why are so many profiles unfollowing me? “- to mention just a few of my quirky thoughts … Because if you really want to make it to the top in this sector, you inevitably get to the point of permanently dealing with your own number of followers in social networks, on the basis of adjusting one’s own value, deverting it into degradation. As a result, one measures oneself increasingly at others, makes himself small and inferior, begins to doubt himself and what he does. That’s horrible! And all because of a number! And I know that it is exactly the same for many others. I really don’t like this circumstance, because what is it all about? A question that I can clearly answer as Ms Bunthemup, but unfortunately nobody seems to really care about this answer anymore. To me, it’s about showing what you love, what you burn and work hard for. You show what you can do best in your own eyes. In my case, that’s fashion. You’re looking for recognition and like-minded people, you are looking forward to getting to know new and loving people and exchanging ideas. But when you start writing to PR agencies or magazines, it’s not about all this anymore. Oh no!! Because everything revolves around the number that stands next to the name of your own Instagram profile: the number of followers, on the basis of which success is possible or boycotted. This pisses me off (sorry, but that’s the way it is) and I will not just accept that! Because I’m burning for what I do and that exactly is my biggest motivator!
When browsing through Instagram, I also find myself staring at other’s profiles numbers of others following them. Once I’m done with that, I start thinking what those numbers actually mean. Today my thoughts revolve around the following: can this be real? Are those profiles real people? In the past, buying followers was repeatedly discussed. I’m convinced that many bloggers have bought a few (more) of their followers. I do not condemn this, because we all strive for success, want to promote companies and get free samples of whatever we love the most. I’m convinced that this is the big dream of many women and, to stay with the truth, one of the main reasons why people actually start blogging! Also at the beginning of my blogger career, I’ve been thinking about buying followers – I’m honest with that. But I always came back to the point that I wanted to build up a community out of my own strength and the associated commitment, because that’s the only way of being authentic and credible. And that’s especially important to me! In addition, I was allowed to make the wonderful experience to get to know a lot of lovely people who are giving me the most wonderful and honest feedback I could’ve ever qished for! This is my biggest motivation to not giving up! Thank you all so much!

O.k., let’s get back to the point when it comes to buying followers: however, some bloggers have certainly cheated a bit – some maybe a little smarter than others, but in the end the cheating game was growing strong. I kept an eye on certain profiles which, in a wondrous way, gained between 1.000 – 5.000 followers from one day to another. Sorry, but that’s just not possible! Unless one of them has developed a magnificent idea and a very strong unique selling point, then this increase in growth might be possible. But in all other cases – and I state this, because I’ve been doing this whole blogging thing for a year now and had to experience how slow profiles actually grow – there definitely is some kind of alien power (or rather an app) going on. Incidentally, a very dear friend sent me a quite interesting and up-to-date article yesterday that I would not want to withhold from you. Follow this link to directly get forwarded! To me it is wonderfully honest and also critically illuminated!

But, of course, we shouldn’t lump together all the agencies, magazines and brands. Because I was able to experience that magazines such as the look!Magazin as well as Madonna24 actually feature profiles in their editions whom they like and where it’s all about what they’re doing and not how many followers they have. You guys deserve my sincere gratitude!

Non-existent individuality as the basis for success

My headline may sound a bit harsh. And I do not want to insult anyone with this – because everyone does what he or she thinks is right. But as an individuality-loving person, I find it really hard at a certain point of blogging to figure out the following: how can so many profiles look so similar, writing about the same topics (in slightly different forms)? Why do so many people call themselves trendsetters when it comes to blogging itself as well as trends, sharing the same opinion and self despite the fact that they almost all look pretty much the same (based on what they are wearing and what is supposed to be “cool” or  “hip”)? That’s something I really don’t understand! Where has individuality, authenticity, but above that our most unique quality, our character, gone? I had and still have my biggest problems with that. And you may envy me here, certainly not quite wrong, because of course I would also like to be more successful with my journal! But how does equality and monotony lead to success? As a lateral thinker, do you have any chance at all? Again, a very clear answer: YES! Although the way may be a little more exhausting and hurdling, I can only say: be faithful to yourself! Do not let anything and everything influence you. Listen to your inner voice and your heart! Form your own, individual opinion  you really feel strongly about! Do not believe everything that is fooled into you – and do not take every trend and/or opinion of the influencers at face value. Just because maybe a few days in a row a little prince sits across, that does not mean that you have to be examined immediately for all possible incompatibilities!
Viele BloggerInnen sind noch so jung, dass sie selbst noch gar nicht wirklich wissen, wer sie eigentlich sind, wofür sie stehen und weshalb sie überhaupt mit ihrem Blog begonnen haben (auch hier natürlich Ausnahmen ausgenommen). Meinungsbildung ist ein Prozess, der niemals ganz abgeschlossen ist. Dazu gehört eine große Portion Selbstreflexion, Selbstkritik als auch Wissen. Darum finde ich es teilweise grob fahrlässig, mit diesen, vermeintlich individuellen Meinungen, um sich zu werfen. Seid eure eigene Muse, lasst euch ruhig von euren Vorbildern inspirieren, aber verliert euch dabei nicht selbst aus den Augen. Das möchte ich euch in meinem heutigen Beitrag mitgeben, denn diese Botschaft kommt von Herzen! Wir alle sind wunderbar und einzigartig – das müssen wir nur erst wieder verinnerlichen. Wir alle sind fabelhafte Individuen, jede/r für sich und keine Zahl, die erfolgsorientiert benutzt wird. Wenn dieses Bewusstsein wieder gestärkt wird, dann wird die (Mode)Welt auch wieder ein wenig bunter werden😍! I can’t wait for this to happen …

Have a wonderful evening! And stay true to yourself – ALWAYS!

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