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Inspiration = Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman!

Inspiration = Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman! 6. March 2018Leave a comment

One of the most beautiful aspects that fashion offers me is the fact that inspiration can really be anything! People, buildings & architecture, different cultures, epochs, feelings, music or movies. Especially when it comes to movies, I constantly catch myself segmenting all the different outfits the actresses are wearing in their subtleties. Well, if you came to being a fashion victim, I guess you’ll always stay a fashion victim🤷.
Last week I was surfing through the colourful world of Google, because I was in search of a very special outfit: the one that Julia Roberts was wearing in the alltime classic and one of my favorite movies Pretty Woman. Why this outfit? Years ago, when I was still woking as a saleswoman at Humana, I bought a very similar dress to this one:


Well, until last Sunday, I didn’t wear this hot sweep a single time. But now I have conjured this beauty up from the last corner of my closet and tadaaa – it fits me much better today than the day I bought it. At that time, I didn’t look that sexy wearing it… But now, years & a lot of discipline later (I hardly ever eat any kinds of sweets), I can finally wear it😍. So this is what my, in this case, absolutely copied combo (I admit it, I’d actually love to be the inventor of this look, but – as well known – you can’t have it all😉) looks like:

The quintessence of today’s post: let yourself get inspired by anything you prefer! There are no borders!

☆ bun_themup ☆

Outfit Details:
Dress Humana (you might find something similar via Etsy)
Blazer ZARA – here a lookaloike via ASOS
Sunnies ZeroUV
Overknee Boots 2nd Hand

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