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10 facts about Nilsi

10 facts about Nilsi 12. March 2018Leave a comment

Over the past few months, there has been a constant challenge in social media, mostly on Instagram, to share 10 facts about yourself. I have now converted these to my lovely Nilsi and would like to introduce him to you a bit closer. Here we go:     

  1. Nilsi likes to fart, a lot and quite often. It really stinks abominably, but he’s simply doing whatever he wants to do. When he was younger, he used to frighten himself by farting. His look – too funny!     
  2. I got him as a chihuahua-pinscher-mix, but actually he got determined as dachshund-terrier-mix. Regarding his color, I had the possibility to decide between 2 colours: Semmelbraun and Saufarben (sorry, but I couldn’t find any english translation therefor). I think you can imagine which term I have chosen 😜     
  3. Nils is dreaming a lot and I always think that in these moments he plays one of those self-created and completely pointless games that only he points out to be funny. Just a quick example: he brings any kind of toy, but then turns demonstratively with a foot on it – so it makes no sense to play this game AT ALL …     
  4. He really has stinky feet 🤢 But I think he is particularly proud of this circumstance! Because when he lies down on the couch with us (yes, Monsieur may as well do so), he stretches his feet in our faces.     
  5. Nilsi would have originally – in my “I want a dog world” – become a pug called Norbert.
  6. He has 2 beds, which are actually intended for mastiffs (so they’re huuuge). In winter, however, he sleeps in bed with us and really broadens is himself so that my boy and I hardly have any room left in bed. Well, he’s happy though …
  7. Although I direct my life close to him and give up on many things (I’m in charge of him – I’m everything he has), I could not imagine a life without him anymore. When he is with his granny on summer vacation in Salzburg or sleeps a night out, it’s really a weird feeling and I find it difficult to sleep . I love it when he “works off” his various sleeping places at night and sighs loudly each time he reaches the parking position ❤️
  8. In the past, he was an absolute free spirit, true to the motto “I do whatever I want – no matter what you say”. He did not have any problems with staying at his grandma or a sleepover at a friend’s place. Meanwhile, he became quite a mom-boy and follows me everywhere I go (now and then this drives me crazy). He also often gets stomach ache when I “leave him” somewhere new. Quite like mommy – a very sensitive creature 🙈
  9. Nils is 11 years old now. But he still behaves like a 1-year-old 😂 He really has only nonsense in his head and would rather play all day long. He has a real rascal face. When I picked him up as a baby, I already knew that he was going to be a scallywag! Just a short example: when he was a baby, he constantly attacked me during the night. I was really scared that he’d turn out to be a crackpot. Well, actually he is a crackpot … One time I accidentally kicked him out of bed, because he started attacking me again. I automatically rose my legs, whereupon I accidentally catapulted him through my room (I am of course exaggerating, but it actually felt like this). Thank God, nothing happened!
  10. He loves carrying around any kinds of objects – my perdonsl interpretation: this has to be some kind of welcoming mommy and daddy for being back home. He sometimes crams so many things at once into himslef, that I’m scared, he’s going to puke into my apartment! Overall, he loves carrying around anything that is knitted. Above that he loves to carry around hand creams, the packaging of birth control pills, his (still packaged) goodies or various packaging material … When unpacking our Christmas gifts, he’s also always at the forefront.

Well, that’s how he is. And now you hopefully got to know him a little better!

☆ bun_themup ☆

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