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BADABOOOM: DIE MACHEREI 27. March 2018Leave a comment

Today I would like to introduce you to one of my absolute favorite companies. Noteworthy its name is absolutely great and it fits like a fist on the eye: DIE MACHEREI. A small company that is constantly growing and setting no limits to itself. Maybe that’s what Vera, the company’s owner, wants to say about what she’s doing. Anyhow, together with her team she simply “makes” anything that comes to her creative mind! And in times like these, where everyone seems to wet their own pants through fear of failing and where individuality gets more and more lost (yes, that’s just a topic that makes me completely crazy), I’m so thankful for her commitment in doing what she loves❤️I am convinced that lateral thinkers are and will return to power! And that’s what I’m looking forward to! Well, I really want to tell you what exactly Vera is doing: strap on!

A Girl’s Dream 😂 This time for real! No kidding!

Die Macherei manufactures just about everything that makes our hearts beat faster: caketoppers, personalized bags (you might remember the little bag that Constantly K was wearing at her wedding last year), jewelry & all kinds of accessories (also customizable), gifts of all kinds (party, wedding, etc.) yes, and a lot more, but you can look at their main page to get an idea of what they’re doing😉. The newest shizzle and something I really eternally wanted to possess: the so-called Teddy Backpack. I recently got hold of this when I was at the P&C event with the beautiful and lovely ladies of Les Factory Femmes. Teddy is quite big, fluffy, special and just fantastic! And OF COURSE I will link it here, because something like this is really hard to find. There you go: the backpack teddy bear.

“Hey, we love your backpack!”

The other day, while shooting some new pics with my beloved buffalos, some fancy dungarees and my new darling, the teddy, I walked around in our block. All of a sudden, 3 young boys from the other side of the street called out at me to tell me that they liked my backpack. To be honest, I thought this was pretty sweet and I was very happy & grateful for their words. Well, I simply like to attract attention with what I wear and obviously that’s exactly what I managed to do. So, if you also want to attract attention, if you’re looking for something special in your wardrobe and if you want to own some individual, personalized treasures, I can only recommend you to visit the colorful side of the shop Die Macherei! Futhermore, you’ll find my outfit details – as always – at the end of the article!

Incidentally, this is not a cooperation, but a lot of love for an Austrian company, which I admire and which gives me pleasure😍 !

Have a fantastic evening, lovelies!

☆ bun_themup ☆

Outfit Details:
Sunnies ZeroUV
Backpack Die Macherei
Shirt mit ruffles ZARA (last season) -> Lookalike ASOS
Dungarees ASOS
Shoes Buffalo 90s Kleiderkreisel (very hard to find & mostly extremely expensive! But just check out all kinds of online fleamarkets – I’m pretty sure you will find your own pair if you really want to find them😉)

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