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NO to #bodyshaming

NO to #bodyshaming 3. April 2018Leave a comment

You may be wondering regarding the title of today’s post. But I deliberately chose it, because I actually was ashamed of myself for years – to be honest – for decades. Why? Because of my body. I had to face negative comments like “are you a boy or a girl”, “hahaha, where are your boobs”. To mention just a few of them… Those comments hit me badly when I used to be a teenager – unchecked and with such a force that at some point I was completely desperate and did not know what to do anymore. As time went by, I began to walk through the world in crooped posture – with the constant fear of insulting and offensive statements. You can probably already guess what I’m talking about: my bodyshaming resulted from the fact that I never had a particularly feminine figure, because of my, from a societal point of view, non existant boobies. I could have changed my body – through a lot of money and silicone. But I didn’t do so. And you know what? That’s just me, Ms. Bunthemup, and today I love my body with all its blemishes! Because no matter what I look like: my body allows me to live fashionably! So I started to create myself and that’s an unbeatable feeling! Meanwhile, i exactly know what fits me and I do I know a lot better the clothes that don’t suit me at all. And that’s exactly what I want to convey here on my journal as well as in social media: YOU know yourself best, YOU try things out and it’s YOU who evaluates your body and decides whether you like it or sometimes also consider it to be less good. And nobody else is allowed to do so! At the end of the day your body is your best friend – it allows you to feel good, beautiful and special! And that is exactly what fashion has taught me: getting away from perfectionism and towards a strong sense of self-esteem through your very own individual outfit. And I’m sure you all know that feeling when you just feel good in an outfit! Just think of, for example, your thoughts when it comes to a friend’s wedding: you decorate yourself and wear exactly what suits you best and what makes you feel good. It’s the same exact thing when it comes to everyday life: every day is worth feeling beautiful, sexy and good! No matter if you go to work, meet a friend or join a family party. I live according to the motto:

“It’s better to be late than to arrive ugly”😅.

Well – and since summer has finally arrived (many of us have already lost the faith in it – I did so too🙊) and this much acclaimed holiday mood has FULLY approached, I would like to introduce you to a few pieces that will be definitely flattering you – especially if you’re also having a similar bodytype to mine. HELLO SUNSHINE – according to this, I found the perfect bikini at ESPRIT, which you’ll find in my sweet little collage below:

UPDATE, 08/04/18: Obviously Polyvore doesn’t exist anymore. Due to that my collage can no longer be displayed here 🙁 As for now, I can only leave the links to the products I used in my collage. I will try to find a solution, respectively a new app to create something similar. SORRY for the inconvenience!

1) Padded Triangel Top ESPRIT | 2) Cream Powder LANCASTER | 3) Hipster Shorts ESPRIT | 4) Wireles On-ear Headphones APPLE | 5) Sun Tan Lotion LANCASTER | 6) Silk Caftan NATORI | 7) Sandals GEORGE J.LOVE | 8) Cap ADIDAS ORIGINALS | 9) 1990 Sunglasses BOOGZELAPPAREL | 10) Cross Body Purse ETSY

Conclusion, baby!

To sum up the visual impressions shown above: any kinds of playful bikinis are perfect! Make sure to get yourself a bikini with an allover print, ruffles, and padded cups. I promise: those little helpers manage to turn a rather small bust into a real eye-catcher! In addition, caftans of all kinds are super figure-flattering – for ALL kinds of bodytypes! For a smaller bust size, the neckline should not be that low, otherwise you might be standing outdoors, which might look a bit strange. But hey – everyone, how he/she prefers😋. For our upcoming holiday in Sardinia in June, I already got myself the perfect caftan / kimono. As you can easily see, you can really see EVERYTHING and hide nothing. Is already mentioned above, I love my body and I don’t intend to be perfect! And, let’s be honest, who is perfect anyways💁?!

With this in mind, just keep looking forward to a wonderful summer and show your beautiful body! We are all very special and everyone should see it!

Outfit Details:
Beach Caftan/Kimono ASOS
Beach Pants ASOS
Chicago Bulls Body TOPSHOP (unfortunately sold out)
Sunnies Noname
Boots ASOS

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