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be the leader of YOUR life again…

be the leader of YOUR life again… 17. April 2018Leave a comment

Energy, strength, joy, happiness: that’s exactly how I feel at the moment. I had to get away from this crippling fear, my existential and future fears and this terrible sense of inner despair. Sometimes you have to make decisions in life where pretty much everyone around you will clap their hands up in horror and absolutely won’t understand why you’re actually doing what you’re doing. Some are concerned about you, some people basically know everything better 😉 But then, by being honest to yourself and listening deeply, it’s usually not the outside advice that prevents you from making a decision. It’s your own thoughts and fears, the dismemberment of the options available when it comes to making decisions. I have now made a decision that makes me proud of myself: I made it out of an extremely strong and positive gut feeling and the awareness that this decision will be the best I can do for my soul. I have decided to reorient myself professionally. Without knowing what will come next. But full of awareness that my gut and especially my heart, clearly tell me that this decision is the only right thing for me 🍀. It’s my destiny!


Our very own created world – a true pitfall!

Through our thoughts we all construct our own, individual world – we all do so, whether we like it or not! Our own feelings contribute to generalizing our self-image and assuming that this is the only truth. We start comparing ourselves to others – mostly in an unhealthy and extreme way, that in this comparison we can only get out way worse than the person we used as some kind of role model. And out of these innumerable comparisons, massive fears arise. Those fears that make us forget who we are and where our own strengths and positive qualities lie: we develop a fear of possibly being laughed at, or not being pretty or slim enough. A deep fear of attracting other people’s attention in an uncomfortable way, so that we may be excluded or considered “not fit”. And out of all these fears, something arises – something I’d like to again make a subject of discussion – that simply makes me very sad: monotony. And that’s exactly something that is reflected strongly when it comes to fashion. People avoid to attract other people’s attention or even be laughed at, because of being different! For many people the only logical consequence of this fear is to swim along with the stream. I can understand this phenomenon, because for a while – when I was mentally in a very bad conditon – I did the axact same thing. I couldn’t find the strength to turn negative thoughts into something positive. I’m pretty sure that people who really know me and my passion for fashion can’t even imagine that this ever happened! But during this time I didn’t give a damn about fashion anymore. Fashion was no longer existent and neither was I. I simply wanted to be invisible and other people to leave me alone. But then at some point – thank God – the moment comes when non of us are able to oppress and hide ourselves any longer. The innate, individual character wants to be seen! And this moment should not be dismissed as something that should not be! Because IT SHOULD BE EXACTLY LIKE THIS! Every human being, every creature, stands for individuality and one should not lose this phenomenon, because otherwise one loses one’s own soul and thus oneself!

At the end of today’s post I’d like to state one very important thing: please do not interpret my contribution as some kind of automatically throwing everything away! Because we often tend to resist in situations that might overwhelm us. We kind of simply wanna “run away”. If this happens, we have to stay focused! Because by challenging ourselves, we get the opportunity of surpassing ourselves! And this drives us forward – into a self-determined life in which we are open to new things and evolve! The decision I made is based on the fact that I have examined all the available sides of my situation and analyzed them very carefully and finally came to the conclusion that I as a person will never be satisfied with my new job. In this position, my passion for creativity had no opportunity to develop. Thus, I could not have unfolded and that’s something that would’ve simply made me unhappy!

I wish you all a fantastic evening! And once again, listen deeply to what your soul tells you!

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