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BIIIG SHIRT! 15. May 2018Leave a comment

My favorite piece of clothing at the moment – the big shirt. I mean a really BIIIG shirt! Why? No matter how you combine it – whether in a casual or a classy way – it simply looks stylish and hides everything that needs to be concealed. It really makes me feel good when wearing it – and that’s something I actually love 😍 How I figured this trend? I’m not the type of fashion girl who buys magazines for a lot of money which are actually showing the same celebrities and their styles no matter which magazine you read. If I did so, I couldn’t afford all my achievements and besides, I’m generally not necessarily a person who’s chasing after certain trends like a weirdo – signal word: checkered blazer or Gucci belt. Actually, I put on one of my boy’s shirts (as a sleepshirt) and by then I felt that this really oversized shirt created a very stylish look. You can probably imagine what I did next – oh yes, I logged onto ASOS and searched for all kinds of oversized shirts. Well, I started realizing that this is probably one of the biggest trends of the season – Ms Bunthemup got lost in fashion again 🙊.

New favorite brand: RAGYARD

While scrolling through ASOS, I found a really great brand that was completely unknown to me until then. RAGYARD combines basic looks with wonderful elements that make each piece absolutely unique. Embroidery, applications and other effects conjure up a unique, individual piece of fabric. That’s what I love about brands! Well, I do have to admit tha this is not one of the cheapest brands I got to know so far… But I like to pay a little bit more, if I can wear a unique piece of clothing that hardly anyone else wears!

Since I really love the London Streetstyle itself, this brand has won my heart just because of the fact that it comes from wonderful England. You can tell that real artists live their craft here and that makes my heart beat faster. Well, enough said, let’s make pictures speak instead! Outfit details, as always, at the end of the post!

What do you guys think? Do you like the design/brand? I’m really in love and have a lot of fun with my new darling ❤️

☆ bun_themup ☆

Vintage hat HUMANA
Oversized Shirt RAGYARD via ASOS
Sunnies ASOS
Slip-on shoes ZALANDO

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