At the very beginning I would like to shortly explain my name: due tot he fact that I’m always wearing my hair as a bun, this name perfectly describes my most striking characteristic. That’s where bun_themup results from.

For some people my realtionship with fashion might seem a bit incomprehensible… But fashion represents my biggest passion and also hobby! I follow up on trends & anything that has to do with it nearly every second in my life – well, I’d actually call it my best friend. Even if it gets harder and harder to work as a professional in the field of fashion, to me there doesn’t exist any other option as to stay in this beautiful, creative and colourful business. That’s how we get to the most important question: how did I get to do my own fashionblog?

Do you know this feeling of always being on the hunt for self-realization, which can hardly be found in any job we’re practicing? Becaus doing a job for a certain person or company always means to implement work orders given by our boss. This, of course, is something natural because we don’t own the company. But as if I speek for myself, I need some space for self-realization and do the things I live for in order to life a happy live!

Well – all of this wouldn’t ever have happened if I hadn’t decided to spend 2 months in America. At that time I really had to force myself to finally become a grown-up. As a little sister of two older brothers I had this kind of a princess-status which directed me into becoming a dependent woman who couldn’t do a single thing on her own. I actually entitle myself as a mucky pup by then.

So, this brought me to the point where I had to tread a new path, because I really had to grow up and be an independent young woman. So I flew to New Jersey and spent 2 wonderful months there with my american family. I seized the opportunity to learn a lot about life and the person I am. During this time I also travelled to New York several times – a city I instantly fell madly in love for! Of course this is a never sleeping city with lots of things going on. But it radiates such an intense flair which made me fall for it right after I put my feet on its floor for the first time. That was exactly the point when I realized that I have to live in a big city and start working in the fashion business!

My mission: fashion has the ability to help people become more self-confident. This I can say from personal experience, because with the help of fashion I became the person I am today. It is not necessary to please everybody – there always exist people who don’t like the things others do or how they dress. But in the end it’s all about how we as individual human beings feel about ourselves and this brings me to the point where I’d like to let you know that fashion can be decisive for this process. I always compare this to buying a wedding dress. For a reason, future brides spend a lot of money on  their wedding dress, because on this very special day they intend to look as beautiful as possible. It is my personal desire to show you that we all can retrieve this special feeling anytime. Be brave, dare to try out new things, because nobody knows you better than you do! I will accompany you on your way to get there!

That’s it for the moment, so there‘s only one thing left to say – let’s do this!